Our Story

After starting an export house business mainly manufacturing Textiles / Handbags and Furniture  and supplying the products in the global market to various international brands , the idea originated to start offering international quality handcrafted products with an essence of design in the retail market and that’s how Art Avenue was born.

The brand and the store basically is conceptualized and named with the idea of providing artistically handmade products under one roof.  It also defines how art and craft is  used to make a distinguished product line. The brand has its first and only flagship store in Jaipur for now.  

The idea behind the store ART AVENUE is to offer handcrafted products to its customers who are creative-minded , who want to look like themselves, not the masses. They have a sense of adventure about what they wear and how they live, and although fashion is important to them, they are care free and liberal about their lifestyle.

To them Art Avenue is a portal of discovery— to paint the world with their own style.