Kilim Bags

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      The word Kilim Bags comes from Turkey, and it translates to pileless textile. Pile is a textile that makes rugs, and handmade bags from this textile are also known as rugged bags. One of the significant differences between other handcrafted bags and handmade Kilim bags is that Kilim is made from a loom instead of knitting. These kinds of Boho Kilim Bags consist of interlocking weft and warp threads which look amazing in their significant way. They are handmade using a weaving technique, but that is not knitting. Most Kilim Bags India is made of a hundred percent woolen material. But sometimes, the wrapped thread can also consist of cotton. Wool is usually the best choice for Handmade Bags for Girls as they are durable and keep the color unbroken for a long time. Wool is also easier to weave using looms and paint as well. We at Art Avenue have cotton and woolen Kilim bags online at incredibly budget-friendly prices.