Patchwork Bags


      Patchwork Bags: A patchwork is a form of handcrafted needlework that involves sewing different designer fabric pieces into a larger design. The designers usually plan more effective strategies basing upon the repeating patterns and fabric shapes they have available. These fabric pieces go through measuring and cutting into precise shapes which fit together like a puzzle. Usually, we at Art Avenue use geometrical shapes which match each other carefully and carefully sew them together by hand. Patchwork is a popular Korean technique for making pojagi wrapping clothes, but now we can make patchwork clothes and Patchwork bags

      Jute, wool, and denim patchwork bags are incredibly durable and versatile for patchwork handbags India. These bags also look very classy in almost any professional and casual setting and add character to your attire. Some makers combine the art of embroidery and other forms of stitchery and get creative, and you can find such Patchwork bags online as well. When we make a big bag, we use three-layer quilts and sew the patchwork upon the quilts to provide comfort and softness inside.