Rectangular Rugs

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      Rectangular rugs are that essential splashes of art on boring arrangements of tiles and marbles. And if the wall-to-wall carpeting is not your style, maybe rectangular rugs will do the magic for you. With bright and enigmatic patterns, rectangular rugs offer a mix of saturation and geometry. These rugs also fit amazingly in your living room and improve your overall interior designing in an instant. Rugs are also very easy to place and rearrange according to your preference, making them incredibly versatile for almost every type of home. Homemade rectangular rugs can be twisting of cotton wrap and wefts to weave in different patterns.

      But sometimes, you can also find jute, wool, coir, silk, and plant fiber rugs. Handmade woven, rectangular rugs use a combination of different colors and patterns to make attractive designs. Sometimes, weaving a particular rectangular rug by hand can take months to complete but are more durable. We at art avenue bring all that handmade amazingness at budget-friendly prices.